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Pet-Friendly Glamping and Camping in Western New York: Bring Fido Along!

If you know us, you'd rightly label us as "dog people". Miley, a German Shepard Mix and Woody, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, our four-legged family members, were adopted from Erie County SPCA and Niagara County SPCA. Fast forward to today, both Miley and Woody are proud 7.5-year-olds, joining us on every adventure life throws our way.

Our love for travel, especially on hiking and adventurous excursions, made us realize the challenges of finding pet-friendly vacation spots. Many places either shunned dogs or had a laundry list of restrictive rules. But for us, our dogs are not just pets; they are family, integral to every adventure and exploration of the great outdoors. We wanted them to be part of every adventure and exploration of the great outdoors.

To bridge this gap, we decided to create a haven for dogs at our campground—the Campground Adventures Dog Park. It is tucked away at the South end of our campground and masterfully crafted by our on-site staff. It’s equipped with a fully fenced,four-foot-high barrier and a double gate for safety. Despite the occasional visit from curious deer and small exploratory animals, our dog park transforms into a playground of excitement for our dogs. We didn’t want the adventure to end so we've also added a small natural Wind Chime Memory Lane Hiking Trail on our property, nestled in the more wooded area. Two benches along the trail provide the perfect spots to pause, take in the surroundings, and enjoy the serene moments with your dogs.

And guess what? We've listed our dog park on Sniffspot. Even if you're not in for a night of camping luxury or glamming it up, your pup can still snag a primo spot for some unleashed fun. It's like a pup paradise reservation – no sleeping bag required!

So, whether you're camping with us or just exploring the area, join us at Campground Adventures, where every paw print adds a touch of joy to the picturesque landscape, and every furry friend is part of the extended family.


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