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Camp Rules

Our rules are in place to ensure a peaceful, fun camping experience for all campers. Any disorderly conduct, obscene or indecent acts are prohibited.



Sites 108-124 have a 5 foot easement along the bank for guests to walk/fish the creek. 

1. The speed limit is 5 mph throughout the campground. Watch for children, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.


2. QUIET HOURS are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

3. Please don't litter, this includes cigarette butts. Garbage should be disposed of in the dumpster provided in the campground. Only household garbage (no chairs, grills, etc.) It is located in between the North End and the Water Front sites as shown on the map.  


4. Firearms, air rifles, fireworks, explosives, chainsaws, archery equipment, paintball guns, or any other lethal weapons are prohibited.


5. Please stay within your campsite boundaries. Do Not walk through other camper's sites.


6. Golf carts, ATV's, motorbikes/motorcycles are not allowed.


7. Cutting, mutilating, defacing of any standing tree is considered to be vandalism.


8. Firewood is available for purchase. No outside firewood is allowed. Only burn firewood in the existing firepits. Do not leave your fire unattended.

9. Please do not move fire pits. If you need to move it for parking purposes, please return it to its original location before using.


10. Parents are responsible for their children and their actions. Children should not be left unattended. 


11. The pond is under construction. We are currently draining part of it to remove the muck and to deepen the pond. Once completed, we will restock the pond. The pond is catch and release only. If you are looking to keep what you catch, please fish in the creek.

12. Alcoholic beverages are acceptable in moderation. You must be 21 years of age to consume. PUBLIC INTOXICATION IS PROHIBITED.

13. Any person known to be using or possessing illegal drugs, will be asked to leave.

14. Water must be turned off when leaving the campground.

15. Grey water can be discharged on sites with holding tanks. No discharge of any type shall be permitted on the ground. Black water may only be pumped out at the site by management or at the dumping station.

16. Any new seasonal camper RV units must be no older than 15 years old or have been granted a permission form by the management. Proof of Insurance on your RV is required.

17. All campers and visitors MUST REGISTER at the office upon arrival.

18. Daily visitor fee is $5.00 per person. A visitor is anyone not registered to your site upon check-in. Daily visitors must leave before 8 pm. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets or golf carts. Registered campers are responsible for the behavior of their visitors. Campers must inform the office prior to the arrival of visitors.

19. Management is not responsible for the loss or damage of any camper or visitor's equipment. If you are in need of assistance we will be glad to help when possible but we assume no responsibility from any and all damages resulting from such assistance.

20. For the benefit of all campers, Campground Adventures will evict anyone from the park who fails to comply with the above rules or any policies that management deems necessary for the health or safety of campers. 

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